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Finite Element Analysis of Hot Stamping Materials and Process

  • 관련 프로젝트:  
  1. 핫스탬핑 소재/공정별 영향인자 연구 (현대제철, 2015~2016)
  2. 경량 차체 부품용 핫스탬핑 금형 설계를 위한 열 특성 계측 기술 (국민대학교, 2012~)
  3. 자동차 핵심부품 생산기반공정 플랫폼 기술, 산업원천기술개발사업 (지식경제부,  2009-2012) 

Hot Stamping / Hot Press Forming

  • Forming process: Heating (from 20℃ to 900~950℃) -> Forming & Die Quenching (cooling rate > 27℃/sec)

  • High formability, Low springback, and High strength(> 1.5GPa) can be achieved

  • High strength Hot-stamped parts can be applied to body structure parts for passenger safety improvement  (ex.) B Pillar, Door Beam, Side Sill


  • Evaluation of cyclic thermal stress during hot stamping process is necessary to obtain the opimum Hot Stamping Die Design

  • For thermal evaluation of hot stamping die, a cooperative research with KITECH is in progress